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 By Wilder

Calming massage oil

Wilder falls in Love with the creative sisters behind ‘Summer & Storm’ which originally came to life via the offering of Baltic Amber necklaces, they have just launched their first collection of organic cotton loungewear to accompany their original necklace designs.

We spend the day getting to know the girls a bit better and find out what drives this beautiful and thoughtfully created childrens label.

X Anna

Kids— JAYDEN 15yrs, KYAN 10yrs, SUMMER 2yrs

Kids— RIO 9yrs, STORM 2yrs

How did you two dream up the birth of your label Summer & Storm?

D&C— We both had this idea of creating Amber necklaces that also had Crystals to give the energy to the child wearing them. Both of us had been thinking about it and it wasn’t until a phone call we had where we thought we had to make it happen as it felt right.

It’s important to us that we have a small impact during production and that we use organic or natural fibres so that little bodies can breathe when wearing them.

Everything flowed naturally and we continued to want to create a brand that survived around a natural lifestyle.

How do you integrate holistic wellness into your family home?

D&C— Our mum brought us up super healthy! We never had white bread, soft drink or anything like that. This has definitely influenced the way we raise our children.

Daniella— I’m a big believer in eating healthy, Rio hates me for it sometimes, he will beg to have “normal” pasta (which is actually spelt!) over zucchini noodles, I think I love healthy food so much that i can’t understand why others don’t ! We all have olive leaf extract everyday and I am always dreaming up ideas to sneak healthy extras to everything. Coconut oil to porridge, spirulina to smoothies and so on.

Crystal— yes being brought up in the Byron shire I think really helped. The community was full of health conscious, alternate families. It was how we were brought up, therefore it is just naturally a part of how we raise our kids.

Doing business together as sisters, has it changed your relationship? Brought you closer?

Daniella—  We have always been extremely close, we have always kinda felt like twins in a way. The only thing that has change is we sometimes annoy each other now when it comes to final decisions. In saying that though we are both really open to each other’s opinions and ideas and we never really say no unless we absolutely dislike the idea!

Crystal— I think closer in a way if that is possible. We definitely have to talk on the phone a lot more. I also think we have learned how to adjust and work through disagreements without taking it personal. If either one of us really wants something the other one will bend. We can be both stubborn and yet flexible.

"Be strong, know where your final destination is, just keep moving forward and lastly let go and trust that everything will unfold as you work towards what it is you want"





We like to use coconut oil because it has antibacterial properties which are great for little babies if you are still not bathing everyday.


• 1/4 cup of oil
• 1 teaspoons of dried camomile
• 1 teaspoon of dried lavender flowers
• 2 drops lavender


You can use any cold pressed oil for the base, we like to use coconut cause it has antibacterial properties which is great for little babies if you are still not bathing everyday.

But you can use olive oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, just make sure it’s natural and DON'T ever use anything that has mineral oil in it as this coats the skin and wont allow the skin to breathe.


Mix together all ingredients and leave to soak overnight. Drain in the morning, bottle and use as needed.

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