Wilder X Witchery Mothers Day 2017

Photographed by – Brigette Clark @brigetteclark_
Video by – Henry Cousins @henrycousins

Wild at heart

When Witchery first approached me to produce their Mothers Day campaign I was elated. I am 100 percent behind women supporting women. Any chance I get to show off the women in my life, I jump at it full steam. Each of the Women in this story have all inspired and guided me in different ways in my personal and professional career. They are all Beautiful, Grounded, Talented, Devoted, Inspirational leaders to their tribes and it is a pleasure to share parts of their world with you.

Happy Mothers Day x Anna


Favourite place to go to meditate/ zen out/ eat … zone out from life’s everyday
I love to be by myself. The idea of doing nothing is heaven to me. When I’m feeling a little out of my body, or a little overwhelmed, it’s a sign I need to be alone. I try to pay close attention to the subtle cues in myself, and in my babies, to know when it’s time to slow down and re-connect.

If it’s alone time I need, it doesn’t matter where I am, somewhere without distraction is ideal. I love being among the trees, being in nature, with a bag full of snacks and a good book. If my babies are craving more Mumma time and more stillness we usually go somewhere with huge open skies, where we can explore barefoot. Living in the city can be overwhelming at times, so we like to go places where we feel we can slow down and run wild a little.

If I had more time, I would cook more, meditate more, draw more. I’ll get there.

What inspires your art/work/creative vs your mothering?
For my work, I’m inspired by the women I meet on a daily basis, their opinion on the world, on humanity. When you start speaking to a woman about beauty it’s often a window into so many other things, and that’s what I love most about what I do. It’s why she feels the way she does about things, that truly matter – beyond the surface – that inspires me.

For what inspires motherhood – my two beautiful girls and the loving gentle connection they naturally hold within themselves. Our children come in to the world as love, nothing else, and it’s often the shit that society imposes upon them, and that we energetically impose on them that throws them off balance. Young kids are able to be love much more naturally than us adults, so every day, when I sit with my girls, I’m reminded of that, and it inspires me greatly.

How do you achieve Work/ Life balance?
Date night! It’s so easy when you have two young babies to forget about your man and let things slip because you’re prioritizing work and schedules and everything else that comes along with being a working mum. But it’s so important, and something we commit to on a weekly basis. The more solid, loving and honest our relationship is, the more harmonious our home is.

I feel really lucky to be a working mum. I get a lot of inspiration from the work I do but striking that balance is a really difficult thing, and so personal, especially when you have young babies. I try to have a rhythm that nurtures and nourishes me, and one that doesn’t exhaust me. In times of high stress, or when there are lots of things to juggle, I’m able to fall back on that.

I try to remember that my girls see the world through my eyes and for that reason it’s so important that I live my life responsibly, with kindness and gentleness, making love my priority above all else. I then see that reflected in my children…and what could be more important than that?

What do you love to dance to with your kids?
My daughter loves the Stones, so I’m pretty happy about that.

What are you most excited about for Mother’s Day?
Having an uninterrupted day of stillness with my babies.

Tell us about your style as a mum?
I like things to feel easy, so my style is simple and it’s about being comfortable. It’s also really important to me that things are well made, and come from a source that respects the environment. I care about who makes the stuff I own, and where it comes from. My obsession with denim is a very real thing.

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Favourite place to go to meditate/ zen out/ eat … zone out from life’s everyday
Kutti beach for a swim and some vitamin D.

What inspires your art/work/creative vs your mothering?
My emotions and my life inspire my art. What I see, the things I am drawn to, relationships, and my mothering is inspired from my instincts, my intuition, also my deep feelings, love and the importance of openness, balance and communication.

How do you achieve Work/ Life balance?
To have your passion become your work means you are always “on” but it is pure pleasure, challenge and joy. To live and work on the same space means to be fully immersed in my passions as well as raise my son and enjoy my relationships with my partner and friends. I can do all interwoven. Including self time. Balance is important. It doesn’t mean I so much as switch off but instead change my surrounds, get outdoors, or change my focus on projects and from self to others and back again.

What do you love to dance to with your kids??
Anything. I love cheesy sing along songs, high energy music, all depends on the mood. Singing in the car is also such a great release.

What are you most excited about for Mother’s Day?
Family and being with my son is always enough. I don’t have to be doing anything special. Just holding him or watching him do his thing. Eating together. That’s perfection.

Anything interesting you want to share with the Witchery readers?
I hope to inspire my son to live with passion, and to know that he can create anything he dreams of he is determined enough. The mind is the most powerful tool.



Favourite place to go to meditate/ zen out/ eat … zone out from life’s everyday
The ocean is usually my go-to place to find some zen. Occasionally, if there’s too much hustle in the waves and I’m craving some calm, I’ll head to a favourite secret swimming hole. Either way, water always saves the day for me.

Also a drive through the hills to the little town, Federal, for some Japanese fusion is always a good idea. The food is delicious and in such a beautiful pocket of the north coast region.

What inspires your art/work/creative vs your mothering?

Usually the same things inspire both my mothering and my art. Nature, music, people and their stories, love and time to myself.

If I’m happy and feeling strong, things flow. The more inspired I am the more patient I am as a mother.

The more patient I am the less pressure I put on myself and my art.

How do you achieve Work/ Life balance ?

It’s difficult to find balance these days when the cost of living is so high and the modern world we live in enables us to be constantly ” busy “. Taking time to play is important. Not taking my self too seriously and remembering that we are on this earth for such a short time.

I like the idea of being a lady of leisure, I could easily dine and cruise the days away, but if I’m truely honest with myself – I want to work! Not just for survival but for the satisfaction of owning something, contributing to society and exercising my brain that has withered away slightly after two children. So, when I remind myself I like work and I like play it puts things in perspective. As I get older I’m feeling more connected to my higher self. In turn I’m learning how to say no! ( and sometimes yes ).

What do you love to dance to with your kids?
If Rocky and Goldie get their way we’ll be dancing to – Parry Grip.

Some of their latest hits include,
‘it’s raining tacos’, ‘spaghetti cat’, ‘black hamster and his neon gerbil

Before they discovered this kind of pre teen music, some family dancing favourites were, ‘Sweet Jane’ by The Velvet Underground, ‘Seabird’ by the Alessi Brothers and ‘Party in the Woods Tonight’ by Jonothan Richmond.

What are you most excited about for Mother’s Day?
If I remind my family enough, I’ll probably receive a really amazing collaborative card!

I’m also hoping I’ll get a luxurious sleep in followed by coffee and poached eggs.


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